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Big 4 expertise with a stellar record of quality work delivered with the highest level of personal service.

We have a depth of knowledge and experience to meet the needs of both public and privately held companies. We also serve high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and family offices and can provide customized business management services.

Since our founding, we have grown through referrals from long-term clients and trusted advisors who rely on us for the highest level of technical expertise. Our clients enjoy a personal responsiveness from our partners, while benefiting from a reasonable fee structure.

Weinberg’s membership in London-based Morison Global helps serve the international cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs of clients. With 150 member firms worldwide, our reach extends across 318 offices in 75 countries.

When Elliott A. Weinberg founded Weinberg & Company many decades ago, he focused on building a CPA firm that offered technical excellence, impeccable client service, and one which adhered to the highest code of ethics. Elliott’s moral compass has been a steady guiding force for all our professionals as we serve our clients. Though he is no longer with us, Elliott was proud to have built a firm that has earned a stellar reputation with both regulators and the companies we serve.

His legacy lives on.

Elliott A. Weinberg, CPA Founding Partner, In Memoriam
“I urge you to compare our PCAOB inspection reports with those of any other audit firm. You will find that our firm has maintained a long and stellar record of PCAOB inspections.”

Corey Fischer, CPA, Firm Managing Partner

Publicly traded and privately held companies are experiencing increasingly complex regulatory burdens, including mandates to meet ever complex accounting standards and requirements.

It’s our job to help you navigate through those complexities while meeting your financial, audit and tax compliance needs with accuracy and efficiency. Unlike other CPA firms, we are always mindful that your funds are better utilized for your company’s growth instead of for unreasonable or runaway accounting fees.

Weinberg clients appreciate that they don’t need to pay Big 4 fees in order to get the highest level of technical expertise—and ours comes with extraordinary personal service.

If you’re wondering how we measure up when it comes to the quality of our work, I urge you to compare our PCAOB inspection reports with those of any other audit firm. You will find that our firm has maintained a long and stellar record of PCAOB audit inspections.

We like to say, we have An Audited Legacy of Quality.

You may wonder how that’s possible. For starters, our professionals are Big 4-experienced who moved to Weinberg because they wanted to replace institutional client contact with personal client service.

Our clients benefit from direct partner attention and a high caliber staff with SEC expertise. Accounting issues receive quick attention and resolution because decisions are made locally—no need to call a home office for help.

Weinberg offers something quite rare in the business world—Top level expertise, extraordinary personal service and reasonable fees, all in one place.   

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Corey Fischer, CPA
Firm Managing Partner

Weinberg & Company Management

We offer something all those oversized firms can’t.  Personal service.

Corey Fischer, CPA

Firm Managing Partner

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Elliott A. Weinberg, CPA

Founding Partner, In Memoriam

Bruce Weinberg, CPA

Florida Managing Partner

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Jeffrey B. Engler, CPA, MST

Director of Tax Practice

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Director of Assurance & Audit Practice

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Director of Quality Control, Assurance & Audit Practice

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An Audited Legacy of Quality

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